Waste-Free Growing Candles®.

Waste-Free Growing Candles®.

Our goal is to make everything about our Growing Candles waste-free. Before we decide to add anything to our shipping boxes, we always ask, "How can we make this re-useable?" 

With recycling properly also being a problem throughout the world, at Hyggelight, we always try to take our ideas a step further, and think re-purposed. That goal was our inspiration behind adding a matching floral print to each order, with the instructions for our Growing Candles on the back. We wanted the painting to be a source of beauty + inspiration, and not something that would just get tossed.

Coming soon, we are muling over some ideas for creatively adding an extra slip of seedpaper to each order, and changing our branded shipping tape to something more eco-friendly (rookie mistake!). Let us know if you have any other ideas for us to incorporate!


As always, thank you for supporting us + the planet <3




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