3 Tips | Planting Seeds in the Winter

3 Tips | Planting Seeds in the Winter

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Think it's too cold to start seeds in the winter? ... We say, it's the perfect time!

Planting your wildflower seeds in the winter = cute little blooms in the spring, something to do/learn during the long + gloomy days, and allows you to observe something green growing inside your house.

There are a few things you'll need to be mindful of in order to get your seeds to sprout in the winter, though. So grab the seed-label from your Growing Candle, plant it using these directions + read our three tips below to start seeing some green. 

  1. Buy a grow light, or grow light bulb. (There are quite a few options on Amazon for both.) - This will allow you to provide your little sprouts with the full sunlight they need if you live in a gloomy region.
  2. Keep planted seeds warm. - You can do this by using a grow light and avoiding drafty windows. 
  3. Re-use a plastic baggie (sandwich size) to create a dome over planted seeds. - Make a mini greenhouse! Many seeds planted indoors do not sprout because they dry out. Soaking your seed-label before planting it inside your Growing Candle container will also help with keeping those baby seeds well hydrated. 

That's it! Remember, learning how to grow plants from seed can take practice as a newbie. If you need a "do-over" snag some extra seed-paper here. You can also reach out on our Instagram account @thegrowingcandle for more help ;)

We be'leaf' in you!

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