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Program Details

Get Your Referral Link - Complete the form above. If you've bought Growing Candles since May 2023, the link is also in your email. If you want to login to see who's clicking your link and making purchases, you can access our referral portal HERE.

How to Use Your Referral Link - Simply copy/paste the link and get it to your friends and followers. This can be through text message, email, a blog, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, etc.  

How Your Referral Link Works - Anyone who clicks your link will trigger a tracking code on our website. When they complete purchase within 30 days of clicking you'll automatically recieve credit and a confirmation email. WOOT WOOT, Great Job!

Order Refunds - This is where it gets exciting. We will issue a 100% refund of your most recent order when 3 friends complete a purchase on our website (thegrowingcandle.com). Orders must be placed within 90 days to qualify with a $150 refund limit. If you haven't placed an order within 90 days, your next batch of Growing Candles are on us (limit $150). Already have a house full of Growing Candles? No problem, recieve 15% commission on any of your first 3 referrals by emailing hello@thegrowingcandle.com or by logging into our referral portal HERE. Referrers who recieve comissions on their first 3 referrals will not qualify for Order Refunds.

Commissions - Earnings are automatically tracked through our referral portal and you will recieve an automated email everytime a purchase is completed through your link.