Happy Trouble: Hyggelight reflects on 2020

Happy Trouble: Hyggelight reflects on 2020

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A friend we met in Cleveland uses the phrase “happy trouble” to sum up life changes and circumstances that kick up some chaos and challenge our grit. It carries with it an undercurrent of gratitude while acknowledging the work ahead.

Looking back to the day we learned that phrase, we were stressed! We were at a holiday market in Cleveland, Cyndi was pregnant with our second child and we were preparing not only for his arrival, but for a spot on the nationally televised Good Morning America- which would air on Earth Day, just before our due date. There was lots and lots to do and then the covid pandemic hit.

Hyggelight during shutdown

Following the shutdown orders, we went back to our roots- working as a team of two making Growing Candles and fulfilling orders with our toddler Adelyn in tow attending online school and being adventurous (you parents know what we mean) in the background. It wasn't always easy, but we made it through. And Everett was born just 11 days after we watched our GMA debut. It was a whirlwind! And it was so worth it.

Chris, Adelyn and Cyndi Hileman get into some happy trouble in the snow

From left to right: Chris, Adelyn + Cyndi Hileman enjoying some family time outdoors in the snow.

But we’re not resting yet. While we’re filling orders this holiday season- packing everything just right- we’ll be packing up the rest of our studio and moving to a new location. Talk about hustle and bustle! Our new location will check off some more boxes on our list including placing Hyggelight in a a centralized area with more space to expand and grow some new ideas we've been brainstorming during lots of quality time together. So stay tuned!

Hats off to you

We know you've had your share of "happy trouble" too- changing course to create new business strategies this year, homeschooling, balancing responsibilities and keeping a smile when you can. Some of you have taken up cooking or gardening (Oh! Check out our blog on propagating/sharing plants with your neighbors), and all of us have lent encouraging words to one another- which we should keep doing. "You've got this!" "Keep up the good work!"

Wherever your year has taken you, we hope you know we appreciate all the efforts you put in to helping small businesses like ours and taking care of the people around you. You are awesome! It has been a tough, weird time for us all. And we hope your businesses, families and friends stay warm and well in the upcoming season.

Keep Growing, everyone! 

Best Wishes,

The Hilemans

Chris, Cyndi, Adelyn + Everett


The Adelyn Growing Candle beside flowers and zero-waste packaging from company Hyggelight in Toledo, Ohio.

Pictured: The Adelyn Growing Candle (new release Fall 2020) with seed paper label and zero-waste packaging

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