Hyggelight Grow Guide: Propagating with friends

Hyggelight Grow Guide: Propagating with friends

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This post is for you Hyggelight Grow Pros who are ready for your next grow challenge: propagating with friends. :)


There may come a time when your Hygge Pot is ready for a new friend giving you the perfect opportunity to take your next step with indoor growing.


This guide will get you started with plant parenting and propagating too! Because who doesn’t love little plant babies + sharing with friends! That’s just so “hygge” of you!


Happy Planting!

Your Friends at Hyggelight


Propagating with Growing Candles displayed on shelves in various stages of growth

Hygge pots are reusable solutions to creating indoor gardens for you, your friends and family.


Pothos: For aspiring plant parents


The pothos do very well in low to medium lighting and require minimal watering. Like many plants, they do better when the soil has time to dry completely between waterings and they let you know when they’re due for a lil' sip with no damage done! If your plant looks a little sad and wilty, a good watering will have it perking up in no time.


These lively, leafy vines can be propagated in a simple 3-step process:


Step 1: Cut


Trim a stem from your plant, making sure your selection has at least 4 or more leaves attached. Remove the leaf closest to the bottom of the stem.


Step 2: Root


Place your cutting into a clear glass jar of water and leave in medium light until roots begin to show.


Step 3: Plant


About a month after roots appear, your plant will be ready for soil. Transplant your baby pothos in your favorite Growing Candle pot and watch her grow! 


Propagating example of the pothos plant, featured up close with distinguished green leaves.

The Pathos is an encouraging plant for beginner growers, perfect to propagate and share. @farazahmad


Panda Plant: Cute, not needy

Known for its soft, furry, green foliage with just a touch of red at the end of each leaf, the panda plant is a great addition to any indoor plant collection and will look amazing coming from your favorite Growing Candle pots. These guys are made to last with minimal water and prefer it that way, making them the perfect plant for beginners.


When caring for your new panda plant just remember, succulents love sunlight and being left alone!


Step 1: Cut


Pull leaf clippings off where they meet the stem of the plant and set them out to dry for about 2-3 days.


Step 2: Root


After the ends have dried, place clippings on top of fresh, dry soil and lightly mist with a spray bottle every few days. In a few weeks, roots and new succulent leaves will begin to sprout. 


Step 3: Plant


When your new plants are about a 1/2" tall and the original leaf begins to wither, they're ready for their own pot. At this point, you can remove the old leaf and pot your new plant in your Hyggelight container! 


The Kalamchoe Panda Plant is a great choice for propagating and sharing, pictured here with beautiful pink blossoms. @kaboompics


In addition to honing your plant parenting skills and repurposing your candle pots (you grow Hygge Hero!) your newly propagated plants will make great hostess, thank you, or thinking-of-you gifts. We could all use a little more "hygge" in our lives! So let's keep it growing!


If we inspired you to give either of these plants a try, share a photo with us by tagging @thegrowingcandle.


You might end up in our Hyggelight Newsletter and go down in hygge history.)


Either way, you're keeping the tradition of zero-waste, happy living. And that should make anyone smile :).


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