Hygge for Moms: 5 Tips to finding calm in the chaos

Hygge for Moms: 5 Tips to finding calm in the chaos

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Welcome to the Wildflower Moms Club! Today we're sharing our Top 5 Tips to stay hygge-inspired during times of chaos. It isn't always easy (ever?), but we're here to remind you of your awesome power to create your best world and stay in your magic. And if all else fails, sit in front of a comedy or call someone that makes you laugh! Because: We care. We see you. And we're in this together.




Hygge is a concept of finding contentment and joy in the everyday little things. And that's easy to say (reminder: hoo-gah)....but how do you maintain feelings of contentment, empowerment, and happiness when you feel the chaos closing in?


Tip 1 - Accept or Ask for Help: We see you proud mamas. And we are in step with you! You're the tight rope walker clutching a cup of coffee and dazzling everyone with your fancy footwork. But you don't have to be the only attraction day after day. Taking time to rest those feet, talk to your friends or go sit on a patio somewhere is part of the gig! Really! Wildflower Moms have to take time to smell the roses so they can continue to bloom. Honorary Wildflower Mom Story


Mom and daughter share morning snuggles next to coffee and growing candle

Hyggelight co-founder Cyndi Hileman + daughter


Tip 2 - So.. Let Go: Laugh some things off. Shrug your shoulders. Act silly. Most of all, set your expectations for perfection a little lower so you can actually enjoy what is in front of you. Is it a Growing Candle? Good. Light that! And put some fun things on your task list (i.e. Go For Walk (sans tightrope) or Savor Some Chocolate... alone!).


Tip 3 - Find your groove: Do you have certain things you do every day that have meaning, mark the time, and help you find your center (important for dancing and mental health- no coincidence!). Staying in your magic can also mean getting in your zone- the one that keeps you calm, happy, content. So what are those things? Pause the music, write them down!


Tip 4 - Adjust up: We cannot change everything all the time. And knowing that should be empowering. Feeling slightly overwhelmed- Go back to Tip 1 and say out loud "I am awesome!" Sometimes you'll need to scream it- or sing it like the Valkyrie lady. Now we really hear you! ;)


Mom looks on as little girl sits on top of dresser


Tip 5 - Self-five: Still having trouble feeling like the magical creature you are? Remember that perfection was invented for over exaggerators and liars. Do the shrug dance, water your flowers again and say I DID IT. Sustaining self-love grows by small celebrations, the little things are nurtured by the voice within.

Hopefully this simplifies things for you and makes life easier. We're not asking for any human cannonball volunteers at the end of the page and we actually sent someone to pop the extra balloons... What’s that? All moms with shovels report to the elephant tent? No thank you. Ah! That could be number 6- The Power of No. 

Remember your Wildflower Moms Group is here for you in any season


References + Recommended Reads:

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More Than Happy: The Wisdom of Amish Parenting by Serena B. Miller, Paul Stutzman

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