Planet-Obsessed: Sustainable Manufacturing lights the future

Planet-Obsessed: Sustainable Manufacturing lights the future

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Hello Earth Babes! We're checking in to root you on this season in your quest to keep it green and stay planet-obsessed! We hope you know we're in your corner :: Rocky sequence :: and that every time you spruce up your space with a Hyggelight Growing Candle you're adding another checkmark to the win column. Here is our recap of sustainable manufacturing- aka zero-waste commitment- to you and the Earth.  

  1. Live the Little Things: Sustainable manufacturing from 'flame to flower': Zero-waste packaging right down to the tape. When we started our business in 2017 we were actually using plastic tape...We trashy! When we switched over to paper tape (don't worry, it still sticks) it was definitely a day to celebrate because we were able to show the earth a little more love. We also appreciated that YOU noticed which means our efforts of sustainable manufacturing extended to your recycling practices across the U.S. And because you're so great at keeping it green, we send our Hyggelight Growing Candles out with a smile knowing our shared passion for planet is lighting up your homes and offering a real sense of hygge for you and the people around you. When you shop at Hyggelight you can rest assured we are working to be as waste-free as possible and taking the extra effort to reduce, reuse, and recycle to lower our carbon footprint as a company.


  1. Multi-use products and dual-use instructions. At Hyggelight The Growing Candle we’re constantly thinking about multi-use purposes for everything! See that piece of artwork hand-painted by artist Kailah Jackson (@bluegreenpatina)? Turn it over and find your seed paper label instructions. The artwork is totally frame-able making those instructions on the back just a part of the bigger “picture” of intentional production that has not one- but two purposes. Informative? Yes! Beautiful? Double- yeah! Oh! And don’t forget about our actual hygge pot which starts as a luxurious candle and is then re-purposed as an indoor personal garden! Mind= blown. These collectible vessels for joy can also be passed down through generations and replanted each year. Happy people + happy earth: That’s what sustainable manufacturing is all about at Hyggelight.

Greta is part of our sustainable manufacturing collection- starting as a candle and blossoming into an indoor garden.

The Greta Growing Candle is our newest addition to the Hyggelight family. 

  1. The gift that grows because we care. Not only do our Growing Candles grow wildflowers for your indoor garden; they provide opportunities to cultivate friendships with the important people in your life. Hyggelight’s mission to take care of one another while doing good for the planet sends a message of hope in times of celebration and reflection- as we’ve witnessed in our reviews and emails from our amazing customer base. You care about each other + the sustainable manufacturing practices of small businesses like ours. We promise you to continue our part so you can feel a sense of empowerment and that deep contentment only Hyggelight Growing Candles can provide. Don’t forget to give your plants plenty of light- and to water 2-3 times per day to meet your “buddies.” And you bet we’re happy to count on your support while we do our part for sustainability and eco-chic sustainable decor now and in the future. 

Take Care, Earth Babes!




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