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Growing Candle Fragrance Guide

Did you know your sense of smell is the most powerful key to unlocking memories? We love that. In fact, memory is our source of inspiration for each fragrance in this guide! So whether you're searching for the perfect vibe in your space or choosing a "hyyge" (hoo-gah) gift for another, remember you are creating a piece of a story that lives long after the wick burns out (and the flowers bloom!). So here’s to the future flames for your home, office, dorm or outdoor table. These photos may not be scratch n' sniff, but they sure tell a story, just like your candle! Enjoy :)


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LAVENDER: Calm, relaxing with a hint of vanilla. Like waltzing through the garden to pick some fresh sprigs for the table. Lavender is a romantic, with healing properties. Send this fragrance to someone as a hug, or light it to lighten the space around you. Great for reminiscing about Summer or late Spring. Prefers being snuffed out with a sweet nothing. (See?... A romantic. :)


MINT + EUCALYPTUS: Fresh, focused, perfect for your bathroom, kitchen or home office. Mint (spear- not -pepper) does the trick without overpowering, promotes a sense of positivity and gets your brain cells firing. Eucalyptus has healing properties that pair well with all that happy/healthy talk. Great for gardening enthusiasts and readers of Forbes

CEDARWOOD: ...is everything good about being outside with a smoky base note +  top notes of cedar and pine. Buy this for any nature lover and light it when you tell your favorite stories of the great outdoors. 

GINGER + LIME: Lively, fun! Like shaking up a mojito - or walking into a party. Ginger + Lime has a way of bringing the happy. Great for a friend that wears a lot of patterns or to add some spice of life to any season.

ROSEMARY + SAGE: ...for people that love the smell of a homemade holiday feast. Set the tone for any gathering or enjoy it while you’re making toast. Rosemary has a way of connecting us to tradition, whether via recipe or another lasting lore.

CHAI: Whether sipping tea or breathing in its delicious fragrance, our Chai Growing Candle creates an atmosphere of spicy, sweet sure to bring you back to your favorite reading nook or conversation with friends. Light this candle in the morning or evening, savor it with cookies in the afternoon.

SANDALWOOD + VANILLA: Cozy, warm, smooth. For your fireplace or nightstand, a fragrance that exudes comfort like sipping lattes in a log cabin. Light this scent for an intimate games night with friends or savor it during a date night in. 

LEMONGRASS: Citrus-y, healthy. If lemongrass were a person, they’d be a clean freak who works this herb into their cooking - and we mean this as a compliment!  Lemongrass is like the refresh button to any space. Full of vigor and zest. 

COFFEE + CREAM: "Smells just like your favorite coffee shop!" #musthave fragrance We searched high and low for a good coffee scent... and this one is fantastic.

LILAC: For all the Spring lovers out there. If you were going to put all the smells of Spring in a cute bottle, when you open it up, it would smell like this fragrance... clean, fresh and VERY perfectly floral. *Smells exactly like lilacs*

APPLE + PINE: Seriously amazing and will flood your mind with all your favorite fall memories. These Autumn Vibes are so cozy smelling, it should come with a warning on the label.

SPICE + FIRE: Think cozy holiday night sipping a mulled beverage by the fire with your favorite people. Top notes of Cinnamon, Ginger + Orange Peel. Bottom notes of Pine, Fir and Cloves.

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