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How-To | Living Hygge-Inspired this Spring

Hey there, Hygge Babes!


The season we've all been waiting for (especially if you're living in the Midwest) is finally here! Happy spring to you all. :) It's a good time to cultivate- ideas, friendships, and flowers. It's also a great time to welcome change, celebrate and reconnect with your roots. Ah! There are so many ways to usher in spring.


Please enjoy our all-star tips for living hygge-inspired from your friends at Hyggelight I The Growing Candle.


::pours lemonade::


Indoor Gardens + Outdoor Spaces

It's time to freshen up, air out the space and grow something cute! ;) That we can help you with as hygge pots provide the perfect indoor garden, blossoming from seeds and providing a lovely addition to your windowsills- before or after the first frost. Freshen up your spring decor with beautiful hand-crafted hygge pots- such welcoming accents to any space. Remember the benefits of gardening may include cultivating patience + growing from seed is a bit slower than buying the sprouts or flowers as is. Stay hygge-inspired by enjoying the process, plant your favorite decor and be empowered by your connection to the eco-conscious and beautiful. Creating a sense of hygge this spring involves soil, water, and sunshine! Soak some up for yourself too! :)

Hygge-inspired outdoor spaces stem from any decor that makes you happy from your porch, patio or brick walkway. If you have candles, (ahem! Growing Candles), place them thoughtfully around your seating area, and in safe places, like your outdoor picnic table. Bring blankets outside and grab some outdoor pillows for extra cozy and color. Are you also gardening outside with flowers or vegetables? Here are some recipes from The New York Times of the vegan kind to make good use of all that luscious nutritious stuff. Outdoor spaces, as indoor spaces, should reflect your unique tastes and style. Whether you draw inspiration from bohemian, traditionalist, rustic, or  modern decor, you can still be eco-chic and live the hygge life each day. Also... We don't mean to toot our own horn, but we have a variety of Growing Candles that transfer seamlessly from indoor to outdoor; day to night.  ::trumpet blasts:: 

Stop to smell the roses; Go for adventure


Spring is practically synonymous with flowers! Don't forget to admire the natural shifts and blooms of the season. Take this phrase literally and as a reminder to keep that attitude of wonderment and gratitude- check out the colors, maybe reflect on what brings color into your life? Grey is to winter;__________ is to spring. Thoughts on that one? Spring is working its magic, even as you read this blog. And, thanks, by the way.

Another life hack for hygge-lovers; take the adventurous path and learn something new. An article from Harvard Health Publishing, suggests exploring something novel has lasting benefits into the future. Usher in the new spring season with hygge hacks that keep your mind sharp and heed this advice from the experts:

"Look for activities that incorporate brain stimulation, physical activity, and social engagement, such as learning to play a sport or game (tennis, Ping-Pong, golf), learning a new dance step (try the cha cha, the rhumba, the merengue), taking a class on planting flowers or vegetables, or learning tai chi, which has been shown to boost thinking skills."

Embrace Change


Alright traditionalists, this is where we back pedal, but only to bring everyone up to speed together. We love tradition, the celebrations on specific dates, the rituals of the summer solstice and the things that bring your family and friends together under one theme (Did someone suggest a garden party?) One of the most often heard phrases "Change is good" does apply + after you change out of your cha-cha clothes, maybe you could try swinging some of your furniture around or finally buying that RV you've been talking about. Just as you change your daily routine to gently water your seeds in their hygge pots, any steps you take to renew your mindset will only cultivate a better sense of hygge no matter where you are. Eco-friendly spring decor is a simply place to start. Stay hygge-inspired this season by living the little things, because, to paraphrase another favorite quote, "those are the big things."


Bloom Where You’re Planted


Spring blooms can inspire us to put down roots as well and "bloom where we're planted." Adventure awaits, and so does home. Maybe that's why we like to leave in the first place. :) When we say roots, what comes to mind? And did anyone click on the vegan recipes link above? Whatever brings you or whomever brings you the contentment and peace of living a hygge-inspired life, hang on- because staying hygge for spring definitely includes connecting with what calms and empowers you to blossom and grow every day.

::recommended dance break::


The (online) shop is open! Hope to hear from you soon. ;)

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