How-To | Planting Your Seed-Label

How-To | Planting Your Seed-Label

Hello Hygge Heroes! If you've landed on this page you must be ready to plant your seed paper label and enjoy Part II of your Growing Candle. Fantastic! Find a cozy place to review and keep in mind the 3-S System: Soil, Sunshine, Smile! :) Oh! And also the 1-W System where you water the seeds frequently... They like that. Good luck and don't forget to share your wildflower photos with us @thegrowingcandle. We Be-Leaf in You!

Let’s Get Growing!

Step 1: Savor the last minutes of your Hyggelight Growing Candle.

Step 2: Wipe out the remaining soy wax, give it a warm water and soap bath. (The aluminum tab holding the wick in place is recyclable!) 

We recommend using a sponge or wash cloth to get out any remaining wax. The tab that held the wick should pop out pretty easily. A gentle nudge with a spoon should do the trick if you're having trouble. This is a hand-wash method. Let your hygge container dry before adding your soil and seeds.

Step 3: Hold the seed paper label and send it good vibes. Keep in mind the ENTIRE label including the tabs on the sides hold your potential budding wildflower blends. So soak it all! :)


Next Day Steps 1-3A: 

Wake Up! It’s #plantingday. You remembered your soil, right? If not - put that seed paper label in a safe place and grab that java to go. 


Step 1a: Fill container ¾ with earth/soil

Step 2a: Tear seed paper label into 5 or 6 pieces and spread pieces of soaked seed paper label FLAT on the dirt.

Step 3a: Cover ⅛ of soil on top. (Careful! You don’t need too much on top.)


  • Place on a sunny sill or under a grow light. (This part is very important!)
  • Spray with a little spray bottle about 2-3 times a day.
  • Talk or sing to them if you want!... You "asked for a friend" and we DO NOT think it's weird!

Popular songs to sing to your Hyggelight "buddies":

Wildflower Wildfire by Lana del Rey

Wildflowers by Tom Petty

Sunflower Post Malone and Swae Lee

You've Got a Friend by Carole King

You are the Sunshine of My Life by Stevie Wonder

Come to my Window by Melissa Etheridge

Let's Be Buddies by Cole Porter

Count on Me by Bruno Mars

You can also checkout our Hyggelight playlist on Spotify!



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