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Candle Care: Hyggelight Handbook

Common Candle Care FAQs:

The ¼” rule: Do you wonder why the flame is getting so high? Emitting smoke? Sooting up the container? Taking the time to trim the wick to ¼” before each burn ensures a happy candle that sparks only good hygge in any space. This can be done before the first burn too. Hyggelight Growing Candles are hand poured, 100% soy wax, vegan and beeswax free. We like to think of each wick as lighting the way of an even more eco-conscious future! 

The even pool rule: It’s a nice experience to light a Growing Candle while (choose your activity) reading, eating, cooking, or practicing your Octobass. For optimal candle care, allow your Growing Candle to burn long enough for the wax to melt evenly across the top- which could take 2-3 hours… Lucky for you, our Growing Candles have a burn time between 45-100 hours! So, you can relish in all that hygge glory many times throughout the season and choose multiple hygge pots that strike a chord with your unique vibe! #cheezy 

The clean candle rule: Sometimes we let our candles burn beyond what’s recommended- like 5 hours at a time. Yikes! In the event you’ve sooted up your hygge pot, simply wait until the container has cooled and wipe the inside with a paper towel + coconut oil. And remember, candle care works best with eyes open- so no falling asleep! You can also turn or rotate your Growing Candle if you suspect your floors are “tilit-y”. 

For anyone getting too cozy (is there such a thing?) and needing a little wake-up call, here is a list of activities you can enjoy with your Hyggelight Growing Candle aflame. ;) (get your heads out of the gutter, Earth Babes! lol).

Activities that Pair with Candle Care:

 1. Write your holiday gratitude and well wishes on Tree Free Greetings + next to your Growing Candle. Watch that flame ;)! And you should definitely keep the Earth Babe theme going with even more products for "Greener Giving" (like if Thanksgiving and Earth Day had a baby). Check out the 13 Zero Waste Gifts... by our friends at Sustainable Jungle. 

2. Stretch and meditate on a sustainable Botanicals Cork Mat by Scoria (can you imagine doing this while breathing in your favorite Growing Candle fragrance?) ::assumes fish pose::

3. Catch up on your Hyggelight Journal posts like the classic Hygge Your Home and Propagating with Friends- because you’re going to want some fresh ideas for your home decor and design- including what to do next with your Growing Candle buddies! 

4. Singing around the piano or Octobass. Did you know our co-founder Cyndi is a concert pianist as well? No offense to the fireside hearth, but Growing Candles and music are kind of our holiday thing. Just pick your favorite song, favorite beverage and favorite scent. Are you with us? We wish you a merry everything too :)

 5. Cooking up your holiday grub with delicious recipes by people you admire! These should include the recipe cards, quick-scribbled tips and all-day with a rolling pin type food. If you’re a fan of design, your candle care is bound to be centripetal (see what we did there?) to your centerpieces and holiday glow. Is that flour in your hair? Nevermind. We didn’t see anything…

 Cooking is even more relaxing with a Growing Candle in the kitchen! Enjoy the decadent scents of the season. Pictured: Edith- named after co-founder Cyndi's vovo' (grandmother in Brazil).

We want you to know, we are thinking of all of you as we ship a bit of hygge to your homes. Take care, take comfort and keep in touch with your friends at Hyggelight as we forge ahead, growing ideas to take care of you + the planet.

Forever, Hygge Inspired. Planet Obsessed. 

Cynthia Hileman

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